Sint Maarten DX-PEDITION
June 14-28, 2017

Photos by N9LIS
Amateur Radio Operation PJ7
DX-Pedition Operations
QSL info:
PJ7/W9DR via
PJ7/K9UK via

PJ7/KK9N via KK9N


  • PJ7/W9DR will operate on 6m. Beacon - 50.115.7

PJ7/W9AEB, PJ7/K9UK, PJ7/KK9N, PJ7/W9KXQ will operate on 80 - 10m CW, SSB &
Digital modes


The Island
Temperature: Year-round temperature of approximately 27°C. (80°F )

Population: 41,000

Trade winds from the Caribbean Sea create a sub-tropical vacation getaway

Wheels Up 0550 Hrs. 06/14/17.  Team will be enroute to PJ7.  First Stations plan to be operational late PM 6/14.


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Antenna Preparations



Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club Support

Members of the ​ Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club met at Patriot's Park, West of Greenville, IL on Sunday May 28, 2017 to assist in the setting up and testing of the antennaes planned for this DX-Pedition.  The 40-10 Meter Vertical Antenna was outfitted with measured and installed counterpoise wires and the overall antenna performance was tested.  

The 80 Meter Vertical Antenna was then installed and also had its counterpoise system installed and checked out.  The task at hand then was to properly dismantel and pack for transport to Sint Maarten for use.

In the first photo {upper left}, (L-R) John KD9DXF holds part of the counterpoise system while Ken KK9N (team member) explains to Kimberly KA9NQK what was being installed and tested.

The photo to the left shows the Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club "Antenna Tuning Team". Lower left, Dave K9UK (team member with cellphone) and Ken KK9N (team member in foreground) testing one of the stations that will be in operation in Sint Maaarten.  John W9KXQ (team member-lower left) checking out the N1MM software that will be used.  In the lower right photo, John W9KXQ is sporting one of the team's polo shirts with the logo (created by Marc N9LIS).